Do you look forward to the best experience for camping in Southern India? If one wishes to take the much needed break from the city’s hustle bustle then Bangalore is the place to visit. There are many resorts that can be visited and they shall treat you in the best possible ways. In fact most of them are designed in such manners that it shall have your attention fascinated so […]

Bangalore is one of most hustling bustling cities of India. This is a metropolitan city, and also known as the silicon valley of India due to the incessant burgeoning of the IT companies; all these establishments have almost blanketed the entire city. Throughout the day one has to strictly follow the codes and conducts of the corporate firms and companies which can and will eventually bring boredom and apathy. Just […]

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India. Almost all the major IT companies have their offices in this state and are operating from this part of the country. There are numerous corporate houses and large technology firms that are working on many innovative projects that make life easier and more convenient. All the companies have their human resource department and one of the major works of this department […]

The city of Bangalore is famous for IT companies and delicious south Indian food. In addition to these, Bangalore has some beautiful and amazing places to visit with family. 1.    MG Road: MG Road is a famous hub for shopping in Bangalore. It is a must visit place for every tourist. There are shops for almost everything you may need under the sun. From cheap bags to branded clothes, there […]

Camping is one of the most exciting and fun ways to get refreshed. The closeness to nature is an added advantage. Camping means a night under the beautifully star lit sky. There are several camping sites around Bangalore where people can experience the beauty of the nature. Here are a few of these amazing camping sites near Bangalore. Kalhatty Kalhatty is an amazing place for camping in Bangalore. The natural […]

Bangalore trip means you need a perfect place to stay and enjoy the beauty of city. Finding out the best resorts is not a tough task to do as we are here to increase your information. If you have not decided yet where to stay then you must go through the below mentioned content. Take a Look. The Top Resorts – 1.    Fever Pitch Adventure Holidays – Without mentioning the […]

Travelling is the best way to explore new things in life and there are so many places in India where one can enjoy the best travelling experience. Bangalore, one of the most famous cities of India also offers a great variety of options for passionate travelers who want to have adventurous and memorable experience. Day outing resorts in Bangalore by Fever Pitch Holidays provides a variety of options for all […]

Bangalore does not make you only feel special by making you come across the incredible nature related beauty, but it is an ideal place for the fun lovers too. You might have heard a lot about the nature related beauty, but today we are going to add the something interesting for the adventure lovers that what they can try there to make their journey memorable. What kind Of Adventure sports […]

Having fun with family and friend is one of the ideal ways to get rid of stress and tension. Here, we are going to cite about the 10 prominent places to add a spark to your journey. Let’s check it out. 10Amazing Places to See in a Day around Bangalore 1.    Feverpitch Holidays- When it comes about the One day outing Bangalore, Feverpitch comes top on the list. It is […]

Bangalore – the city of IT professionals also holds a magic to leave you speechless showing its natural beauty and colorful cultural. Being a part of a busy city, we all get deprived of the essence of nature. This beautiful city is here to make you get indulged in the love of nature. Best Places to Visit around Bangalore for Single Day Feverpitch – When it comes visiting a lovely […]