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If you believe in making your own paths and doing what you
believe in then FEVER PITCH HOLIDAYS is the place for you.
There are no Limits other than the ones you have set for

We need self motivated people who believe in our objectives and share the same vision and who are passionate for work.

In FEVER PITCH HOLIDAYS we are an extended family. We follow an open door policy and nurture our team so that they can take up the posts of responsibilities in as little time as possible. Being a start-up we need a lot of talent so that we can grow together as an entity.

We call it a chance to quit the sedentary lifestyle which comes as a part and parcel of the drudgery called the 9-5 office work
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  Job Description:

To handle large corporate accounts for company’s sustainable growth in the long term. On a daily level, your job is likely to include
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Attending initial sales meetings and meeting the client.
• Decide whether the current programs need adapting to meet the client’s needs.
• Determining what their business requirements are, whether the products or services being considered are suitable.
• Presenting your findings to outdoor team to act on, and then to the client.
• Answering any questions the client might have.
Once the product or service has been sold, in theory your role ends. In a large IT company, post-sales specialist then take over. However, in smaller ones you will also be responsible for areas like implementation, guiding outdoor department, training and aftercare support.
As a sales specialist, you may concentrate on a particular area demographic or programs, or have a broader role.
Skills and Interests

To be good at Corporate sales you will need:

• Excellent selling skills
• Excellent knowledge, and a keen interest in sales issues
• Initiative
• Excellent Presentation skills and well versed with MS doc, excel and PPT.
• The ability to write proposals
• The capacity to work well on your own or in a team
• The ability to manage your time and plan your day effectively
• Negotiating skills
• Good organizational skills and the ability to understand detailed information.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and Time Management Skills.
• Good interpersonal skills to form effective working relationships with people at all levels.
• You need to have potential to handle Leadership role.
Once you’re experienced, you could move into a more senior role. Alternatively, you could specialize in a demographic, hands-on role, or you could move into people, team or sales management. The career structure entirely depends on your performance.
You could also become a training consultant, training or post-sales.
Educational Qualification: MBA / MTA or Any Graduate Degree from Recognized university.
Package Details: Monthly Salary + Bonus + Monthly incentives which will be performance and sales driven
Experience: 1- 3 years



SEO is the activity of optimizing Web sites or specific pages to make them more search-engine-friendly, thus getting elevated positions in search results. This will improve the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or page from search engines’ search results. A search engine optimizer edits the contents related to a website and coding to increase its relevance to defined keywords and to remove barriers to the process of indexing activities of search engines
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Using web tools to track site traffic, rankings, and ultimately sales.
• Identifying and implementing strategies for increasing site traffic through organic search listings without being blacklisted
• Researching and resolving HTML code and content, link architecture and navigation issues
• Creating and reviewing regular sales reports for various online sites and promotions
• Assisting in layout of web pages when required
• Analyzing website strategies and translating qualitative or anecdotal data into recommendations and tactics for revising the strategies
• Continually monitoring organic search rankings to increase traffic and sales
• Researching keywords using Google, Overture, WordTracker and internal tools
Job Requirements:
• Young and energetic.
• Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.
• Good knowledge & expertise in use of Internet.
• Knowledge of WordPress.
• Continuous learning ability & be ready to pick up latest trends & best practices in the industry.
Education and Qualifications
• Minimum college diploma in Information Science, Advertising, Business, Computer Science, Math, MIS, English, Journalism or Communications.
• Excellent Internet and computer skills
• Clear understanding of SEO, affiliate marketing and pay-per-click advertising
• Knowledge of online marketing and search engine optimization
• Proficient in the use of Internet Explorer and other browsers, Word, Outlook, Excel,
• Knowledge and experience with HTML and Excel
Package Details: Monthly Salary + Monthly incentives which will be performance driven
Experience: 1 – 2 years



To be fully responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of the company website, ensuring that brand continuity is maintained.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• To design Web sites and ensure that they are visually effective and easy to access.
• Liaising closely at the design stage to answer questions such as: why is the site needed, who is the target audience, who are the leading competitors, etc.
• Writing web pages in a combination of codes such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML), JavaScript, CSS, Flash.Design and distribute newsletters and other documents relating to the website and the intranet.
• Analysing the categories and information needed to construct the site.
• Develop and maintain the company’s intranet that will provide an accurate and immediate source of information to all employees.
• Designing a draft site for modification.
• Develop and maintain the company’s intranet that will provide an accurate and immediate source of information to all employees.
• Conduct presentations, internally and externally, to promote the company web site and intranet.Testing the web sites for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.
• To upload the websites on to the Internet.
Job Requirements:
• A strong online portfolio displaying user-centred design, and ideally some experience with web database solutions.
• Ability to Hand Code with HTML, Strong knowledge of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, JavaScript and Flash.An Art, Design or Media based Honours Degree In depth knowledge of current web-design trends and techniques.A flexible attitude with proven experience of working in a small team.
• Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
Education and Qualifications
• HTML, CSS, Photoshop, SQL, ASP / PHP, Macromedia Development Packages, Flash, Javascript.
• Use of Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks.
Package Details: Monthly Salary + Monthly incentives which will be performance driven
Experience: 0 – 2 years


FEVER PITCH HOLIDAYS is always seeking for skilled and enthusiastic Outdoor Specialists.
The Outdoor Specialist needs to have some skill level in adventure, low ropes (or trainable), hiking, and the general outdoors.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities will include managing outdoor team and taking clients on nature hikes, doing team building activities, and much more. If you have a general love for the outdoors, passion for travel, photography and experience in handling groups, then this could be a good match.
Education and Qualifications
• Should be certified from reputed adventure institute
• Extremely fit and knowledgeable on adventure
• Should have participated in different adventure programs
• Leadership skills will be an added advantage
• Ability to conduct team games
• Basic knowledge of word and PPT
• Well versed with technology, internet and computers
• Ability to handle group size of 40+
• Extremely good communication skills.