Fever pitch Holidays

Adventure Tourism Industry
Tourism is the largest service industry in India. It is growing at a rate of 10.4% per annum. Adventure tourism is a part of tourism industry and is growing at a rate of 13.2% per annum. Adventure tourism in India is at its developing stage and there are immense opportunities in this field. There are many adventure and extreme sports in the world, which are yet to reach India. The scope of the industry is too high as there are millions of outbound tourists going to foreign countries just take part in adventure sports. New Zealand’s highest income is from adventure tourism. India has diverse demographic features and diverse culture, has got long beaches on all the three southern sides, different kinds of forests, Thar Desert and the mighty Himalayas on the north. Adventure has become a culture in almost all the developed countries, and even Indians are taking it seriously and many youths are getting motivated in doing adventure sports. As the country is developing and the income of the common youth is increasing they have enough extra money for leisure expenditure, which attracts them towards adventures.

Scope of the Industry
People from all over the world travel in search of good adventure sports. The most important and primary thing tourist looks in an adventure sports place is the safety and quality. India has got unlimited beautiful spots and locations which may be even far better than the locations elsewhere in the world. We have all types of climate, geographical features, perennial rivers and great sea shores where any kind of outdoor extreme sports can be conducted. India can handle these sports with international quality standards and in comparatively lesser charges than the other competitive countries. Economical skilled labors have been a blessing to India always, which can give more added advantage.

Feverpitch holidays is open for investments of both money based and asset based. We would be happy to accept good business proposals and go forward with a healthy business relationship. Interested investors can get in touch with the company for different investment options as company has many new attractive projects coming up in different locations of the country.

Even the people interested in asset based investments can work with us in developing our outdoor adventure zone facilities which we are planning in and around major developing cities like Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad and Chennai.
For investment related queries please push your mails to mta.santhosh@gmail.com