Fever pitch Holidays

Our programs present students with realistic challenges within safe and fun environments. The exhilaration of running whitewater rapids, reaching the summit after a picturesque hike, or climbing to the top of a rock face for the first time develops courage and self-awareness. Working as a team and making decisions as a group cultivates flexibility, compassion, and community. The lasting positive influences from our adventures empower students to confront and overcome future challenges. Most importantly, these adventures are designed to expand your students’ horizons within a non-competitive, small group environment in which each member will be a valued and important part of the group

These student programs inspire exploration, leadership skills, and self confidence in the grandeur of nature. The various programs consist of both team-based activities as well as individual challenges. All programs meet international safety standards in terms of equipment, training methodologies, and standardized processes

These programs offer a wide variety of fun daytime activities, several easier over-night hikes, or paddles into the most stunning environments. Daytime activities include rock climbing, repelling, ropes courses, waterfall hikes, and fun team challenges. The curriculum will also focus on the natural history of the areas we visit, so be prepared to learn about and see lots of wildlife from bison and bears to butterflies and reptiles. Students sleep in two or three person tents segregated by gender and will learn to cook most of the meals on camping stoves.

To immerse students in the wilderness experience, we offer trips ranging from whitewater rafting, kayaking, trekking, rope courses, camping and rock climbing to Himalayan expeditions. Many of these trips are not only multi-day, but are also multi-adventure and offer several of these activities rolled into one exhilarating trip.

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