Fever pitch Holidays
  1. Camp ground should be used in a very eco friendly way by avoiding all types of pollution (noise, littering of polythene covers etc.)
  2. Entry into the water body without life jackets is prohibited; this rule applies for great swimmers too.
  3. Terrain at the campground is rough and needs to be negotiated carefully. To avoid mishaps always inform FEVER PITCH instructors before exploring a route in the camp ground.
  4. No individual should apply soaps, shampoo or other cleansers and get into the water body.
  5. Refrain from consuming Alcohol & smoking cigarettes during the activities. Smoking and consuming alcohol inside tents is prohibited.
  6. Doctor & first aid will be available on call.
Outdoor Basics
  Do not carry or consume narcotic drugs, cigarettes or alcohol
  Show respect to nature and fellow Trekkers and cooperate with each other
  Follow “Leave No Trace” policy, never throw or leave anything en-route or at camp area
  Collect all waste in the garbage bag & bring it back
  Do not collect any souvenirs such as plants or animal parts
  Never consume any medicine without prescription
  Never hide any health related problems
  Inform the group if you are allergic to anything, or if you are sleepwalker or have phobias
  If lost, stay at the same spot and keep blowing the whistle at regular interval till the rescue party arrives
  Be independent, carry your own backpack
Dress Code
  Wear comfortable light cotton trousers/pants/tracks
  Wear light full sleeve T-shirt to avoid tanning
  Wear only sneakers/sports/trekking shoes
  Hat/cap/bandanna to keep off sun burn
  Sweater/Jacket in winter
  Wind cheater/ Rain coat/Poncho during rains
What to carry individually
  Carry a single Rucksack/Backpack
  Extra pairs of Socks, Undergarments, T-shirts, Trousers/Tracks, Towel
  Leech proof socks (during monsoon)
  Extra pair of Sandals/Slippers (do not wear during the trek)
  Personal Medicines (as needed)
  Torch with batteries
  Binoculars & Camera