If you are quite interested in getting edgy and sporty while on a trip in a country like India, Bangalore comes out to be a hard to beat place. While there are plenty of spots of enjoy and relax, here we are mentioning some of the amazing adventurous places in Bangalore where you can get something crazy coming your way.

For Water Rafting:

Water Rafting

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While water rafting is quite an unusual adventurous activity, you essential need to navigate the rush of water and stay afloat. If you are scared of water then better stay away from it. But it is safe if you have knowledge and you take precautions with yourself. Proper guidance in the right direction is only thing you need to tackle this rough sport easily. Some of the common regions where you can carry out this activity include Netravati, Gokarna, Honnemaradu and Sitanadi.

For Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing is yet another exerting experience and a must have in your bucket list of adventurous sports in Bangalore. Worthy of every sweat and step you invest, the activity aims to test your endurance level and stamina. This is quite a popular activity amongst the youngsters and people often pursue it to prove themselves. Luckily, for the city dwellers, there are plenty of rocky places to climb.

One such destination is called Turahalli. Located at Kanakapura Road, this place is frequented by rock climbing enthusiasts.

Fever Pitch Holidays for Fun

Adventurous Places in Bangalore

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Fever Pitch holidays provides corporate day outing and base camps with full fun. The place offers plenty of adventurous sports opportunities as well as team outing options. It serves as a unique place for family, groups as well as corporate tours in Bangalore. The location is extremely beautiful and well equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities.

For Trekking


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Bangalore is a heaven for trekkers as the entire city is surrounded by trekking spots. In fact, there are more than 150 trekking spots within the city. Ramanagara is an ideal venue as the place is full of hilly trails having varying difficulty levelts. Other popular spots include Madhugiry and Skandagiri. Chikamgalur is another popular trekking destination and safest option for Adventure in Bangalore.

For Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

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Wall Climbing is quite challenging and arduous option for adventure sport and is a lot tougher than rock climbing. You need to climb at steep 90 degree angle and have to fight against gravity and your own weight. The Gethnaa Climbing Wall at Kanteerva Stadium is a popular place to get started. It is located in the heart of the city. The Phoenix Market City is yet another place where young and old people come to indulge in wall climbing activity.

If you want to find more such places then you should look for Adventure sports in Bangalore by Fever Pitch Holidays.



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This activity will literally roll you over. What could be better than gravity defying experience of rolling down a hill in full throttle while in an inflated balloon. This sport, called as Zorbing, is cocooned, in an inflated balloon. The ball is transparent and is well cushioned to provide you protection against heaves, shakes and jerks. Zorbing is generally done on gentle slopes and is done in open spaces. For instance, Nandi Hills is an ideal place for this activity. There are many outdoor adventure companies that conduct this activity here.