“Out ward bound or Outbound”, in today’s concept, is a powerful platform for unsimulated and unconditioned activities to understand self and limitations. Unlike simulated and conditioned day-to-day mundane work within four walls in which we are all involved and act, outbound is mostly amidst undisturbed nature. Undisturbed environment such as forests, mountains, deserts or sea provides ample scope for overcoming inhibitions. In the modern world of competition, great amount of stress is causing hazards, which can be easily managed by the Outbound.

Principle and methodology adopted in the workshop

  • Simulated games in the undisturbed environment is aimed at providing experiential learning to both individuals and teams
  • An opportunity to go beyond their physical, intellectual and emotional limits.
  • An opportunity to know his / her own strength and areas for improvement.
  • Without any regimental rule, participants get the freedom for Introspection.
  • Mutual sharing, care & concerns are considered as the tools for understanding each other through participation in the games.
  • With calculated risk, teams are provided an opportunity to develop Interpersonal relationship, mutual concern, respect and effective communication.
  • Living in harmony with nature and living off land as the basis of developing humility and empathy.

How safe is Outbound?

Programmes are made very safe because of:

  • Professionally qualified & highly experienced Instructors & facilitators
  • Adherence to International standards of safety & security
  • Imported & totally safe equipments & camping gear
  • Strict maintenance of discipline & camping rules
  • The full time presence of a Doctor

It involves fun filled games & activities like

  • Living in tents
  • Rock climbing
  • Hill Climbing
  • River Crossing
  • Rappelling
  • Trekking & Jungle navigation
  • Coracling & water sports
  • Cook out, campfire, Fun Games & talent night

List of Training Program:

  1. Communication Skills.
  2. Inter-personal Skills.
  3. Time Managements.
  4. Stress Managements.
  5. Mind Managements.
  6. Presentation Skills.
  7. How to be an achiever.
  8. Managing Emotions.
  9. Creative Thinking.
  10. Memory Techniques.
  11. Leadership & Motivation.
  12. Enhancing Self Esteem- Image Building.
  13. Etiquette & Manner’
  14. Self Effectiveness.
  15. Decision Making.
  16. Work Culture.
  17. Health and Happiness.
  18. Outward Bound Learning.
  19. Team Building.
  20. Yoga.

Adventure with Team:
3 easy steps for all corporates. All you have to do is to form a team, pick an adventure sport you love to do, and call us. with our experienced event managers you are always safe.Just have fun and our experts are ready to customize the entire outing.


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