Our interactive drum programme promotes unity and team building, evokes togetherness and leaves participants with positive attitude and also applied as a perfect icebreaker which gets the group communicating, leaves the group stimulated and more receptive. Our interactive drum programme demonstrates values such as listening to others, appreciating each and every individuals contributions and celebrating the rhythm in life.
Drum circles can be a part of almost every events or celebration, Employee engagement programs, weddings, birthday Parties, Inductions, training programmes, team outings, promos, launches ,conferences ,exhibitions and the list goes on….

So we call it as an entertainment for all ages, wages and stages !

Interactive Drumming


African drums (Djembes) or percussion instrument to each delegate with Facilitators.

  • Duration:
    60-90 minutes.(or as per requirement)

Program Outline: “Interactive Drumming”
Imagine this, Delegates enter the designated area and are greeted with the sounds of authentic African percussion instruments .They are invited to take a seat, pick up a drum and join in.  At this point Drum events team orchestrates the individual contributions into one unified rhythm. Eventually the group is led through warm-up stretches and light-hearted moves designed to loosen and relax. The Drum events team will then facilitate a series of fun and simple rhythms that will get the musician out of every person, and slowly it’s taken to the next level until climaxing in a crescendo of sounds. Individuals who walked in with different frames of mind will be unified by music and team continues their evening laughing, united and enthused, ready for what lies ahead, having bonded from the experience.


  • The concept of a drum circle is as similar to a symphony; a facilitator will lead a group of another artist as little as five or more surrounded by the participants provided with’ Djembes’- the traditional African drum.
  • Individuals who walked in with different frames of mind are unified by music and team continues their laughing, united and enthusiasm, ready for what lies ahead, having bonded from the experience.
  • Ultimately, the group turns to a team with each member having experienced success and of the goodness of cooperation over competition. They also realize the importance of truly listening to each other, how each one is important as the other and the interdependence in their mission.

Drumming is an aboriginal exercise for team building and non-verbal communication adopted from the tribes.

Benefits from it are-


team building