Feverpitch introduces families with kids of all ages to the outdoors, and our experienced guides incorporate teamwork and education into all activities to ensure your family can safely appreciate the wilderness. Our adventures are designed to help families face new challenges together, grow from the experience, and enjoy the outdoors.

Keeping fun and safety in mind, we offer a selection of fully accommodated and camping-based family adventure holidays, with activities specially designed for families with or without children. From camping on top of a peak, to trekking through jungle, to whitewater rafting, to observing animals in their natural habitats – we guarantee an incredible experience that your family will never forget. Just as with feverpitch’s other tours we will provide everything necessary to have a fantastic time.

However, if your idea of the perfect family holiday is spending 2 weeks in a five star hotel while the kids amuse themselves on the beach, then our tours may not be ideal, but if you want to have an active outdoor family adventure with your kids, then feverpitch is for you.

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