Why play paintball at fever pitch basecamp?
We have set up the paintball zone amidst forest. Your hideout points will be rocks and trees.sounds interesting? Yes. You will be made to wear military dress.The entire idea is to give you a feel as though you belong to military.
you are divided into teams and when your goal is to win, the scenario becomes a real war.
Just imagine..colors all around the paintball zone, your team members cheering you to hit the opponent and you smack your enemy base to win the game.:)
There are are. This is real paintball game and its fever pitch basecamp

About the game:
Paintball is a game in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun).
Paintball Tournament:
Every year FeverPitch Organizes Paintball tournaments and Competitions among corporate companies.
Paintball rules:
1.) Masks on: within any given area of the paintball field, either all players’/spectators’/officials’ masks must be on, or all players’ markers must either have a barrel block in place or be disconnected from their gas source, to ensure that a paintball cannot be fired from any nearby marker and cause eye injury.
2.) Minimum Distance: a minimum distance rule; such as 15 feet (4.5 m), whereby players cannot shoot an opponent if they are closer than this distance.
3.) Hit: A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, quarter-sized mark anywhere on the player’s body or equipment
4.) Overshooting: we discourage players from overshooting (also regarded as bonus balling, “overkill” or lighting up), which is to repeatedly shoot a player after they are eliminated from the game. It is also considered overshooting if a player knew the opponent was eliminated but continued to shoot, disregarding the safety of the opposing player and risking dangerous injury to others.
5.) Ramping: Ramping is a feature of many electronic markers, where after a certain number of rapid shots or upon a threshold rate-of-fire being achieved by the player, the gun will begin firing faster than the trigger is being pulled. Ramping of rate of fire is prohibited.
6.) Wiping: Players may attempt to cheat by wiping paint from themselves, to pretend they were not hit and stay in the game. If caught, “wipers” are generally called out of the game
7.) Non-contact: Players are generally prohibited from physically contacting other players, such as colliding with them, physically restraining them, and especially using fists, feet, protective gear or the markers themselves to hit other players.

Equipments used in paintball:
1.) Paintball markers: Developed with the highest standard in mind, AZODIN KAOS markers incorporates the latest technological breakthrough, while providing standard features. KAOS gives players the competitive edge on the field of battle.

2.) Chest guards:Used as extra protection over the camouflage

3.) Masks:Thermo-cured, anti-fog lenses and an ergonomic design for ensured comfort. Quick and easy lens replacement is ideal for on-the-field switch-outs.

4.) Camouflage:Worn for protection from the paintballs.
Reduces the sting on the players.
Keeps the clothes from getting colored and soiled.

5.) Paintballs

Woodsball in fever pitch basecamp:
“Woodsball” is a term developed late in the history of the game to refer to what was the original form of the game: teams competing in a wooded or natural environment. Recently the term has been adopted to refer to virtually any form of paintball played in natural surroundings, as opposed to arena or artificial fields.

Paintball field in basecamp:
Fever Pitch Basecamp has more than 20,000 sq.feet field of land allotted exclusively for paintball game. Set up in a natural environment, it surely thrills every participant to involve themselves.