Manchanabele Dam is man made irrigational dam on the Arkavati river in the village of Manchanabele. The dam may not be an exciting piece of architecture but what takes your breath away is the beauty of the water and the mountains around them. It is an excellent picnic spot with a million dollar view. Fever pitch holidays has developed feverpitch basecamp to makesure that the tourists enjoy the beautiful location. It is ideal for one day Bangalore sightseeing.If you are a corporate group , reach the campsite early morning. After breakfast and briefing your team will be divided and you get a chance to perform adventure activities like zipline across dam and rappelling. Apart from this you can enjoy watersports such as kayak, canoe, swimming and fishing. Just to serve corporate groups, there are team building activities arranged by feverpitch holidays. Also available activities are paintball, birdwatching, photography. The sunset is a must watch in Manchanabele. Go loaded with your camera and bring back some great memories..!!!

A last word of note, please carry your trash back. It’s so disheartening to see a lot of people litter and spoil the beauty of the backwaters.