Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India. Almost all the major IT companies have their offices in this state and are operating from this part of the country. There are numerous corporate houses and large technology firms that are working on many innovative projects that make life easier and more convenient. All the companies have their human resource department and one of the major works of this department is to see to the fact that all the employees are giving their one hundred effort in the work. For this reason, the HR people come up with many new and innovative ideas that will engage the employees and will obliterate the boredom of regular work and the same monotonous routine. There are many places in this state that are chosen by the HR people and the group outings are planned accordingly.

One day outing bangalore

Choosing the perfect place

Indeed, there are many places, but one has to choose a perfect place for a One-day outing Bangalore. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, all this can be done virtually, without even stepping out of the room. One should choose a perfect place that will provide recreation and the employees can engage in fun activities too. The basic objective of this is to enhance the bonding between the employees and also to break the boredom of regularity. With the help of the web portals and other cell phone applications, one can very well choose the perfect location in no time. And there are many locations in the city where one can go and spend the Christmas eve and the new year too.

Many places to choose from

There are many places that one can choose to visit for One-day outing Bangalore. For example, one can always visit the Ramangaram, this place is located just fifty kilometers away from the city and has a picturesque location and greenery. Many films are shot here and the place is a very famous tourist spot too. One can always choose this place for a blissful short outing. From this place, one can always visit the silk town too. And another feature of this place is the small hills. One can also choose to go to Bheemeshwari. From the city, it takes about two hours to reach this place. This place is one hundred and six kilometers away from the city. There are lakes and small water bodies, and thus, this place provides the perfect place for fishing.

One day outing bangalore

Other places to visit

Nandi hills are located about sixty kilometers away from Bangalore and can be reached by the NH 7 road. This place is quiet and has got a scenic charm. A person who wants to get away from the common din and the daily hustle bustle of the city he or she should visit a place like this. Savandurga, is located just fifty kilometers away from the city, and one can always choose this place for a short trip or one-day outing.