Fever pitch paintball zone- Inside Tribal village resort.

Here in Fever Pitch, Paintball is not just a sport it’s a battle. Armed with guns, armor (Protective gear) and a team with a strong intent to win, your paintball game will be nothing less than a battle field.

The urban jungle setup, ensure that the paintball game of your dreams will be realized with obstacles and playing fields resembling an urban war zone. This is the first and unique set up available in Bangalore and is open for Corporate, family and friends.

Our equipment, experienced instructors and a wide variety of games to choose from will ensure that your team outing, friends outing or family picnic is a memorable one.

Every year FeverPitch organizes Paintball tournaments and competitions among corporate companies.

Something about the game.!!!

Paintball is a game in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun).

With the growth of Outsourcing/ Off shoring and IT companies, especially in Bangalore, Paintball as a sport is being used as a tool for corporate training. There has been a sharp increase in the Woodsball, speedball and scenario gaming arenas and is growing at a fast pace with indoor and outdoor paintball fields.

Fever pitch – Tribal village Set Up:

The paintball set up is right in the city where its easily accessible, located near Bannerghata road Bangalore, with a unique urban jungle environment with urban war zone theme complete with man made barricades and open playing fields.
The set up will have a viewing area to help the spectators be more engaged in the heat of battle and also makes the field more lively and interactive.


Paintball markers: Developed with the highest standard in mind, Tippmann custom 98 incorporates the latest technological breakthrough, while providing standard features. It gives players the competitive edge on the field of battle.

Chest guards: Used as extra protection over the camouflage

Masks: Thermo-cured, anti-fog lenses and an ergonomic design for ensured comfort. Quick and easy lens replacement is ideal for on-the-field switch-outs.

Guerrilla Tanks: A small tank filled with CO2 gas. It’s an essential part of the marker as the pressure released from this is the main “fuel” for a pellet to travel.

Paintball Pellets: Pellet are small balls (plastic/rubber) filled with colored oils (Paint ) that splatter paint on impact.

Paintball Safety rules:

1.)   Masks on: within any given area of the paintball field, either all players’/spectators’/officials’ masks must be on, or all players’ markers must either have a barrel block in place or be disconnected from their gas source, to ensure that a paintball cannot be fired from any nearby marker and cause eye injury.

2.) Minimum Distance: a minimum distance rule; such as 15 feet (4.5 m), whereby players cannot shoot an opponent if they are closer than this distance.

3.) Hit: A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, quarter-sized mark anywhere on the player’s body or equipment

4.) Overshooting: we discourage players from overshooting (also regarded as bonus balling, “overkill” or lighting up), which is to repeatedly shoot a player after they are eliminated from the game. It is also considered overshooting if a player knew the opponent was eliminated but continued to shoot, disregarding the safety of the opposing player and risking dangerous injury to others.

5.) Ramping: Ramping is a feature of many electronic markers, where after a certain number of rapid shots or upon a threshold rate-of-fire being achieved by the player, the gun will begin firing faster than the trigger is being pulled. Ramping of rate of fire is prohibited.

6.) Wiping: Players may attempt to cheat by wiping paint from them, to pretend they were not hit and stay in the game. If caught, “wipers” are generally called out of the game

7.) Non-contact: Players are generally prohibited from physically contacting other players, such as colliding with them, physically restraining them, and especially using fists, feet, protective gear or the markers themselves to hit other players.


1.)   Usage of paintball equipment+ 30 pellets per person- 250/- per person

2.)   Usage of paintball equipment+ 30 pellets per person + 3 teambuilding activities- 600/- per person

3.)   Usage of paintball equipment+30 pellets per person+ 3 teambuilding activities+ adventure activities(Jumaring, commando walk)- 700/- per person.

4.) DJ with Music-5000/- for 2 hours.

Note: additional resort facilities which can be added to the above package:

1.) Welcome drink, breakfast, lunch, hi-tea,

2.)  Swimming pool

3.) Rain dance

4.) Dance floor

5.) Indoor games( TT/ chess/carom)

6.) Outdoor games( volleyball, cricket, badminton)

7.) Conference hall.

Feel free to call us to know the best deal.