Reasons to choose Fever Pitch Basecamp.

Fever Pitch Basecamp is a perfect destination for corporate teams to rejuvenate and relax. located just 35 km from Bangalore off Magadi road, our Basecamp is well equipped with basic facilities for camping, day-outing, night-stays, corporate team outings.all the activities are unique and interesting in its own way. paintball game amidst jungle, adventure activities like jumaring, rappelling, zipline, commando walk, watersports such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, unique teambuilding activities like raftbuilding, cooking, makesure that we are step ahead from any other resort in terms of activity list.

with more than 110 (5 star reviews) in trip advisor, 200 companies visiting fever pitch basecamp in just 2 years we are the most trending company when it comes to team outings.

we have a seperate kitchen and freshly cooked food is served to every corporate team. only one corporate team is entertained at one time which means complete privacy is assured.

we at fever pitch believe corporate team outings is just not about outbound training or teambuilding in concrete set-up and henceforth have developed basecamp amidst the nature to makesure every participant enjoys nature and performs physical activities.

Your experience will be something like this.!!!

Being the camp manager of feverpitch, let me tell you how the entire team outing takes place at our campsite.Team arrives at around 8.30 or 9 in the morning. There will be a small trek to reach the campsite(located amidst forest). As you arrive there shall be a briefing about how the whole day is planned for your team. Meanwhile, breakfast will be ready and you will fuel yourself . if the group is bigger than 50, we wil divide into smaller groups and start off with activities. Paintball game is played in paintballzone which is the most liked activity at our campsite. You are completely made to wear military dress with chestguards, masks and guns are handed over to you. With some briefing and understanding of the setting you will be divided into teams and you will have a task(capture the flag) or elimination game at the paintball zone. Meanwhile when there are bigger groups, there will be other groups shouting and enjoying coracle ride to reach the rappelling zone( rappelling from 70 feet rock is simply amazing I must say) for rappelling. Next activitiy would be zipline /flying fox which is quite interesting with some good speeds you are reaching from one point to another using ropes and pulleys. that is not all, there are 2 other interesting activities namely Jumaring and commando walk. Up next is a unique teambuilding activity-raftbuilding zone. Well what we do is send one member to other side of the dam and the mission is to save your team member by making a boat/raft. We will provide you some drums, bamboo sticks and limited number of threads. You have to prepare a design, makesure the boat is safe and rescue your team member, its really interesting to see teams coming up with so many designs over few years at our campsite( but only handful of teams have succeeded in this task). After this, lunch will be ready. Watch out for channa masala and puri which is the most liked food compared to any other menu during lunch in our campsite. After food, its time to hit waters. I feel most people love watersports zone.kayaking, canoeing, swimming is enjoyed by almost everyone. Funny part is most of them don’t know swimming and thanks to life jackets as it helps people to enjoy and yet be safe. Kayaking needs some skills but say thanks to me as I am a kayaking expert and I have also written an article on how to kayak(for your reference in one of our pages in the website, please have a look). Its almost over but not yet over. You can witness stunning sunset( don’t miss this at arnd 5.30) and have hi-tea. Tea/coffee after enjoying waters is so perfect. This is how the whole day at feverpitch basecamp looks like. Fun, entertainment and great activities is what makes us stand out from others. Hope you guys got some idea about feverpitch basecamp and was helpful.

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