For the living in India, Bangalore is a just a kind of paradise. The fast-paced city also holds the incredible beauty and tranquility of the mind. Bangalore is the right place to head to have a lot of fun and excitement. To jazz up your mind and have a great break from the busy schedule, Bangalore is the right place to choose. To stay in the beautiful city, one must go for staying at resort namely Feverpitch Holidays. These days camping near Bangalore have emerged as the best choice and many people are taking interest too.

Camping in Bangalore by Fever pitch holidays

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•    Camping in Bangalore by Fever pitch holidays –For camping, this Basecamp is perfect. It is surrounded with the incredible locations. For the nature lovers, there is a lot of things to do. We are here to serve you a wide variety of activities like trekking, kayaking, swimming and so on. Experts are here to take care of you at every step.

They guide you the right way of doing activities. At Fever pitch Basecamp, you also get fresh cooked food. You can also cook on your own if want since a mini portable stove is also available here. Campfire is all set to give you a new experience.  Camping in Bangalore by Fever pitch holidays is right option to choose.

Aventura India For Bananthi Betta

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•    Aventura India For Bananthi Betta – Bananthi Betta is situated adjacent to Konanadoddi and Kyathanahalli. This place is known for located at the place bordered by lush green hillocks and streamlet flowing down slope. Here, you can enjoy a plethora of activities like target shooting, trekking, boating, treasure, rappelling and so on.

Kanakpura Nature Adventure Camp

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•    Kanakpura Nature Adventure CampKanakpura is situated 63.7 km away from Bangalore. The prominent reason to add it to your list is that it is blessed with enthralling beauty. To get loaded with thrilling feeling, you must visit this place. Whether it is Acid walk, ice walk, bonfire, tent pitching, zip lining, boating, kayaking or coracle riding in the lake, everything is available here to add more fun and excitement to your journey.

Camp Manchinbele and Extreme Zone Getaways

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•    Camp Manchinbele and Extreme Zone GetawaysManchinbele is a perfect place to head as it is blessed with incredible beauty. To stay here, you may choose Camp Manchinbele and Extreme Zone Getaways resort. Whether you wish to go with family, employee or colleagues, it is a perfect place. Here, you can enjoy a wide array of activities like Paintball, water sports, rope course, raft and so on.

Ramanagaram Adventure Camp

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•    Ramanagaram Adventure Camp – A kind of beautiful place located in Ramanagaram is another popular site adjacent to Bangalore. The rocky granite, barren landscape and rugged topography are all set to win your heart. This lovely resort caters you a wonderful opportunity to go for a variety of activities like Ziplining, kayaking, paddle boating, Jumaring and so on.

Therefore, you have a long list to choose, but Feverpitch Holidays is the best. If you wish to add great memories to your trip, you must choose only this.