Sending out your kids for paintball feels scary right. Yeah, I know it happens. Being a Parent, You care about your kid and his health as well. But I want to tell you something, Paintball is one of the safest games on the planet. Do you know which is the accident rate of paintball?
It is less than .02 percent. Want to know, How This Happens?
Let’s take a look at this graph by where they’ve compared accidental rate with other sports like Volleyball, Tennis.

As you can see, paintball is the least accident rate on this list. Even Less than running. I was also surprised to see these stats. But, I want to find out that, Why this low accident rate ?
Then, I go to multi studies and watched tons of videos on Youtube. I FIGURED OUT that the safety types of equipment that are being used are the main reason for this low injury rate.
Paintball is very strict when it comes to their rules and policies. They do a checkup of every player when they going to play paintball. This is the reason why this low accident rate.

Now, Your Question will be Why People Say Paintball Is Dangerous.

The number one myth that I feel is, People, think paintball markers (AKA Paintball Guns) are being used inside paintball. This thing makes fear in their mind against paintball. 

That’s Why, People say that It is one of the most dangerous games on the planet. This is the number one reason.

The second reason is, 

Some Youngsters, Didn’t follow any kind of rules and regulations. Try to jump directly in the ground. But, They didn’t understand is Paintball can be dangerous if you are not playing paint balls without proper safety equipment and instructions. 

Basic Safety Rules for Paintball for Kids

There are some basic safety rules for paintball that you must need to follow. These practices will help you to avoid lots of incidents.

  • Use .50 Caliber Paintballs.
  • It’s recommended to have spring power paintball guns for kids.
  • Don’t Fire At Anyone, How is not wearing proper equipment.
  • I’ve seen that lots of kids try to shoot innocent animals with their paintballs. Leave them, Man.
  • If you are using CO2 Tank. Inspect them every time before playing.
  • Always Wear Jock Strap While Playing
  • Always used approved googles. Try every part of your skin. You can wear long sleeves shirts, Pants for this purpose. (Must Be Fully Suited Up)
  • At The End, Have a Proper review of your suit, Before entering the field.

These are some safety points that I’ll highly recommend to you while playing paintball. Adding to the list, I’ll also recommend you to do not overshoot your paintball while playing, This will help to prevent any accidents. I’ll also help you to save some bucks.


Paintballing is one of the safest games. If, It’s played under all the precautions. Otherwise, Paintball can be more harmful than it be. In the end, I want to say, “Precaution is Better Than Acure”

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